At Advanced eCommerce Technologies, each project, big & small, goes through a systematic process called four D’s: Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment. This applies to each of our services of eCommerce Development Process Web Design Process Mobile & Web Applications Development Processand SEO Process.Our team members past and present evolved this process over many years of trial, error and experience. The process establishes a clear understanding of all aspects of the assignment to the entire team and results in a clear creative definition for our web designers to develop aesthetics in line with the branding objectives and company goals.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis of eCommerce Development Process Web Design Process Mobile & Web Applications Development Process and SEO Process.

During the project analysis stage the communication protocols of milestones, timelines, deliverables and scope, roles and expectations are established as eCommerce Development Process.

Our team will work with you to define the requirements of the assignment, from a strategic, technical and the company’s perspective. We will evaluate the content and make recommendations on improvements or writing style if necessary. The team commences research to gain insights in your industry, competitor activities and their standards for Mobile & Web Applications Development Process.This study is the guide in understanding your organization’s past, current standing and the direction for the future. This knowledge paves the way in creating an effective and sustainable communication that is aligned with the organization’s strategies.

Navigation Flow & Content Strategy

We arrive at a site map for the project to establish navigation and information flow. Planning and prioritising page hierarchy and a structured content flow for all pages for effortless interaction and visual appeal.

Search Engine Optimization Strategy

SEO plan and strategies commences here if applicable. Keyword research SEO friendly page structure, URL syntax, meta data, and content hierarchy is put in place. This work on the website is the effort to make sense to both human and search engine bots.

Visual Design

With learning and discovery up-to-date we will set-out to translate this into visual design, by layering in branding elements, color palettes typography and embellishments that makes each of our web sites unique in the Web Design Process.

HTML/PHP/JavaScript Coding

On finalization of visual design, coding of the website commences to build HTML/CSS/JavaScript themes: HTML pages that perform on browsers are prepared for testing and launch. The entire coding is governed by CSS and meets W3C standards. JavaScript is used for interactive elements rather than out-dated technologies in the eCommerce Development Process.

Functionality Programming and CMS Coding & Implementation

Automated functions, form fields eCommerce features and CMS system if applicable is built in this stage, technical architecture is developed and implemented. The website’s modular elements are put in place. The approved visual design theme is layered as HTML templates and CMS integrated for a fully functional website.

Cross Browser Compatibility

In the Mobile & Web Applications Development Process the website or app is now made compatible to current browsers and in the case of responsive website mobile and tablet device compatibility is undertaken for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Android and BlackBerry devices. While the design elements are created to suit each device, the result may slightly vary owing to the device specifications and user experience. The emphasis here is a cohesive user experience across devices and not merely accuracy in matching results.

Deploy Website and Go Live

Commence SEO

With the website now live, the hard work of making the website popular by positioning it prominently and eventually driving traffic and buying customers now begins with SEO Process.

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