The Future is Responsive eCommerce Web Design Accessible in all Devices

At Advanced eCom Technologies, we now build responsive websites or super sites that are completely device independent – websites that adapts to desktops, tablets to small smartphones.

It is no longer good enough to build websites for desktops alone. Today, the web is at hand anywhere, anyplace and on any device, in the home, at the office or on the go.

Responsive web design and development is making websites work with all devices and screen sizes used today and devices of the future. Responsive websites functions with all devices with the same set of URL’s.

We at Advanced eCom Technologies believe desktops and laptops are here to stay for years to come. Although use of internet enabled smartphones are outpacing desktops. Smartphone users will also continue to use tablets and laptops. All of this data simply points at multiple device usage as the future of accessing the web.

Advantages of Responsive eCommerce website Design

The primary advantage of responsive eCommerce web design is – the web site will automatically adjust itself to the screen size and screen resolution of the visitors device. Columns, tables, text and images automatically resize themselves and retain most of the original design elements.

  • Responsive web design facilitates flexible and responsive web pages optimized for each device.
  • The year 2018 is hailed as the ‘Year of Responsive Design’, with readers preferring web access across multiple devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • Reach out to tablet and mobile audiences and increase sales & conversion rates
  • Increase visibility in search engines
  • The website is easily accessible on any type of device.
  • Only one set of content to be managed.
  • Responsive design is better for SEO than a separate, forked mobile site.
  • Google suggests that mobile-optimized, responsive websites feature prominently in local search results.
  • Enhanced offline browsing experience

Responsive web design places you ahead of the competition. The demand for media-rich mobile internet and applications are flourishing, therefore, important implications of search visibility, ROI and the resulting conversions must be considered.

With burgeoning tablet and smartphone sales responsive web design is the future as content consumption on mobile devices will only continue to increase.

Finally, Google recommends websites with a responsive web design.

At Advanced eCom Technologies, we are delighted to advice our clients on the suitability of developing a responsive web design for their specific business model. While desktop and laptop usage is currently way ahead of mobile browsing. We believe the future is mobile with decreasing use of conventional computers. However, the use of conventional computers will continue for years to come augmented by mobile usage while on the go.

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